• President of Voicemarketing, Inc., Lee Mirabal is the country's premier talk show host coach/director.  Her system has helped more than 100 talk show hosts sound professional from their very first day on the microphone.

  • For more than 15 years, Lee consulted for eBay Inc. as producer and co-host of eBay Radio and eBay Radio's Ask Griff and Lee. She was a pioneer in bringing the terrestrial radio station experience to the internet with these shows (among others).

  • Lee Mirabal is known for broadcast excellence. Her on-air experience includes full-time positions as a rock 'n' roll, jazz and country music DJ. As a program director, she developed a successful alternative music format called "Blues, Ballads & Jazz". She also owned and operated KIFM Radio in San Diego, CA, where she supervised a staff of 46 as president and general manager.

  • Lee's news/talk radio resume includes full-time positions as a news reporter, news anchor, field reporter and feature writer. Her talk show expertise comes from firsthand knowledge of hosting the gamut of talk radio programs, from news/talk to political to lifestyle

  • In the lifestyle arena, Lee brought her talents to NBC Talknet, New York; ABC Daynet, New York; and Major Talk, Chicago. Her program "Your Friendly Next Door Neighbor" was syndicated in more than 250 radio markets.

  • Lee's interviewing skills are legendary. During her 51 years in radio broadcasting, she has interviewed US presidents; film actors; book authors; CEOs of Fortune 500 companies; country, jazz and rock 'n' roll musicians; and many, many other individuals in all walks of life. 

  • For more than 5 years, Lee hosted Entrepreneur Magazine Radio for Entrepreneur Media, helping new entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

  • During those years, as Vice President of Programming for, Lee led the way in bringing traditional talk radio online, helping to create entire internet radio networks for eBay Inc., Hay House Publishing and Entrepreneur Media, as well as other major corporate clients.


  • Lee Mirabal has won 16 ADDY awards for scriptwriting. Her well-honed way with words is used in crafting radio and TV advertising spots, corporate and other audio presentations, on-hold productions, websites, brochures and more. 



  Podcaster/Radio hosting consultant - Proven track record - eBay Radio was always in the top 1-4 of podcasters in iTunes worldwide for over 15 years.  


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